What will you do if you win the lottery?

Everybody dreams about that. What should I write? Imagine that you won. Not just won. You won so much that you can make real all your dreams. Do you want to build your own restaurant? You can do it. Do you want to buy an island? No problem.

You even do not need to work anymore. What will you do? Will you travel around the world? Will you start your own business? Will it be any sense to spend that money for education? Maybe you want to have the fourth diploma… You can pay for that… You even can buy the diploma…

Imagine… You get up after two o’clock in the afternoon. You get dressed in a shirt which costs five hundred dollars. Then you drive to a golf club in a car. But it is not just a simple car. It is a Rolls-Royce. After the golf club you go to the restaurant and eat for one thousand dollars.

Ну как вам? Проверьте, пожалуйста, много ли ошибок допустил. Я вообще хотел написать побольше, но боюсь, что я и в таком отрывке много ошибок сделал.

What will you do if you win the lottery?: 3 комментария

  1. Фёдор, я всё понимаю, но написать witch- ведьма, вместо which- который, это очень грубая ошибка.

  2. ‘Will it be any sense to’ лучше заменить на ‘Will it make sense’.
    В последнем абзаце: ‘the restaurant’, хотя речь не шла о каком-то конкретном ресторане. А ‘eat for one thousand dollars’ — это как ‘code for food’, то есть буду есть за штуку баксов, смысл противоположный. Лучше заменить на ‘spend $1000 on food’.

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