By your opinion, what must be illegal?

Cigarettes. Everyone agrees that smoking is bad. It provokes cancer. However, should smoking be illegal? There are a lot of prohibitions about smoking in Russia, and it goes to full ban of tobacco. For one side it is good because our government thinks about health of the nation. Nevertheless, on the other hand tobacco business produces a lot of working places and gives a lot of money to our country by taxes. So, it is not so obvious about making cigarettes illegal.

Military service. Did you ever serve as a soldier? I didn’t. But, three of my kin did. Now what? They did absolutely nothing useful for a whole year. There were no military trainings, and they ever didn’t learn to use guns. They are as weak and feeble as they were before army. So, I think that our army must consist of professional mercenaries but not of one-year spenders.

Prostitute. It is the most ancient job in the Earth. It was outlawed in the most countries. But, we still have some countries where prostitute is absolutely legitimate.

Chewing gums. Really? What is bad in chewing gums?

Marihuana. It is a chemical drug. We still have some countries where it is legitimate. It is banned in Russia though. I think that it must be illegal or regulated.

Guns. It is regulated in Russia but in USA, as I know, everyone can buy it. However, it is not so easy question. If you want to kill human, you can do it without guns. You must have a license in Russia to have a rifle, and you have to follow some rules for transportation and keeping guns. However, you can have it if you want.

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