Different types of people

It is really hard for programmers to talk to people. They are mean, deceitful, treacherous and two-faced. To know how to behave with them we must classify their types.

For example, if you see that the person always do what the others say then he is submissive. It is one type. But if he always talk down to you then you must choose another strategy when you speak with him.

If a man or woman is lighthearted and does not think about serious or important thinks then you must choose another style of behavior with him or her. That superficial human will not help you on your path. Always remember that Vito Corleone said, “Women and children can be careless, but not men” (The Godfather, 1972).

Some people can be very enthusiastic and ambitious. Maybe you can stick to them but always be level-headed and rational. Think about stakeholders because they can exploit other people to achieve their goal. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the Code of Conduct For Programmers. If you have a stake with some business it does not mean that you can forget about your conscience.

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  1. Why do you appeal to the words of Godfather, but not to the words of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ?
    In Matthew 18:3 we can read this:
    And he said: «Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.»

  2. Remember «Deus Vult» and the other words
    Matthew 10:34, «Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send [or bring] peace, but a sword.
    You can lost your lands, castles, money and even family if you deal like a child being careless.

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