About dogs

Do you know what is a dog? It is one of the most popular pet in the world. Where can you find it? In the streets, of course. Stray dogs procreate a lot of puppies every year. You can definitely take one of the puppies. Most of the puppies will die without the owner or will be killed by somebody.

Many people hate dogs just because they afraid of them. They haven’t a dog.

If you have a dog you must also have a collar and a leash. You must stroll with your dog every day. You must train it. Don’t forget to promenade with the dog it makes God very angry.

One day I saw a pack of dogs in the forest. Some of them were without collar. I think that they were homeless dogs. One dog had a piece of chain attached to its collar. Maybe it ran from someone.

If you see some group of dogs I recommend you to not go through them. It can be dangerous. Do not think that all dogs are friends to people. The dogs have different tempers and they can have different memory associations with people.

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