What do you think about traveling?

The world is big. There are a lot of curious things from the blue sea to the azure sky. One person cannot learn all of its shallows and whirls.

Did you know that Moscow had only six minutes of sunlight in December twenty seventeen? Most of people came out abroad just to see the Sun. Russia and Moscow are very dark, dirty, dismal, and dingy. One time you can figure out that it is harmful to your mind to stay there all the time.

So, do you travel? Have you ever been abroad? Traveling makes you open-minded and broads your horizons. Living in one place for the whole life is like to see the small extract of the life.

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  1. Sir, Dana Winner sang:

    There shines a light in the heart of man
    Defies the dead of the night
    A beam that glows within every soul
    Like wings of hope taking flight

    A sunny day, when a baby’s born
    The little things that we say
    A special sparkle in someone’s eye
    Simple gifts, every day

    Somewhere there’s a paradise
    Where everyone finds release
    It’s here on earth and between your eyes
    A place we all find our peace

    So you can seek and search your inner light or try to find the light outside you.

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