What do you think about crime?

Can government make crimes? Do you really think so? I think it is impossible. They create laws but not crimes.

There a lot of criminals in our country. Every day we read in newspapers about some murderers, rapists, recreational drug dillers, cheaters, and other bad persons. Some of them will be caught. Their punishment depends of their misdeeds. The sentence can be suspended if the sin is not so big as it looks like or if there are some facilitating circumstances. Maybe the culprit will be forced to  pay a fine or something like that. Community service is a common punishment also.

Our justice system is not perfect and sometimes we have miscarriages of justice. It is the first reason why our country does not have death sentence but we have life sentence for the biggest culprits.

For the time being, Russian jails are not good place to stay. In perfect world they must straighten out peoples. In real world they does not archieve that goal. Definitely, the culprit who was in our prison will not be as he was before. In most cases he will have problem with job because nobody will want to hire it. That will force some of them to make more shoplifting, hijacking, buglury. So after some time they will be cautch again, and they will be in jail again.

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