Манипуляция данными в jqGrid

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В первой версии jqGrid единственным способом получения данных был XML, как описано в обучающем примере в предыдущих статьях.  Позже многие люди просили добавить возможность получения данных в JSON, затем в массиве и наконец с «реальными» именами. Читать далее Манипуляция данными в jqGrid

The Witcher. I gathered the myrtle petals

I didn’t have the herbalism skill and I walked to the country inn to by some myrtle petals. But the merchant in the inn didn’t sell anything. Very strange. I talked with the drunkard (пьяница), the gambler (аферист или азартный игрок), the antiquary (антиквар). Then I found the fist fighters. I beat all of them and I earned one houndred orens. I had a level up. I meditated next to the fireplace and I invested a talant to the herbalism. It was the great investment! Now I can see the names of plants and gather them. And so far I gathered the required myrtle petals and gave them to Abigail. She promised to concoct the poison in a while. Читать далее The Witcher. I gathered the myrtle petals

Пример стилизации input type file

Эта статья является логическим продолжением статьи «Стилизация кнопки input type file в HTML». Читать далее Пример стилизации input type file

The Witcher. The barghests are everywhere

I am staying at the Ourskirts of Vizima. It is very weird place. It is crawling with barghests. The reverend said that if I would bring the light of the Eternal Fire to the small chapels tonight, they would stop haunting the peasants. I have done it. But barghest are still there. The reverend supposed that the witch Abigail is the cause of them. But Abigail said that it is beyond her. She said that Alvin, the boy saved by me, might know more. He is a diviner. Читать далее The Witcher. The barghests are everywhere